2023-07-19 Wednesday

Open Data Format

ID Short name Long name Level
10u 10 metre U wind component 165 Single
10v 10 metre V wind component 166 Single
2t 2 metre temperature 167 Single
msl Mean sea level pressure 151 Single
mp2 Mean zero-crossing wave period 140221 Single
mwd Mean wave direction 140230 Single
mwp Mean wave period 140232 Single
pp1d Peak wave period 140231 Single
swh Significant height of combined wind waves and swell 140229 Single
ro Runoff 205 Single
tp Total Precipitation 228 Single
sp Surface pressure 134 Single
st Soil temperature 228139 Single
tcwv Total column vertically-integrated water vapour 137 Single
d Divergence 155 Pressure
gh Geopotential height 156 Pressure
q Specific humidity 133 Pressure
r Relative humidity 157 Pressure
t Temperature 130 Pressure
u U component of wind 131 Pressure
v V component of wind 132 Pressure
vo Vorticity (relative) 138 Pressure
ID Short name Long name Level

Levels and Variables

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